2019 Annual Conference Presentations

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The conference presentations are listed below. They are listed in the order they were presented at the conference.  Posting a conference presentation does not imply that FSA confirms the accuracy of any of the statements made in a presentation, nor that the Association supports or endorses any of the conclusions or recommendations contained in a presentation.

Wednesday (Pre-Conference)

PC01 - Letting Science Tell the Story: Practical and Powerful Resiliency Planning [Perez, Cunningham, Hicks, Janicki, Peene]


Opening Session: Welcome, Awards and Opening Events [Grim, Goss] - No Presentation
01 - Final Report on Assessing the Load Reduction Values of Maintenance Activities [Sansalone]
02 - Perspectives on Land Applied Biosolids [Busby, Frick, Burke]
03 - River X-Men Makeover: Transforming the Green Monster to Mystique [Busby, Coyne, Hendrickson, Reichert]
04 - Development and Simulation of Recharge Scenarios to Enhance Springflow [Davis, Baker, Pieschek]
05 - Restoring the Choctawhatchee Through Targeted Sediment Reduction [Collins, Lishman Nunn]
06 - Seeing Opportunity in Challenge: Coastal Stormwater Management in 2019 [Perez, Cunningham]
07 - What the Flow?!?  A Modelling Approach to Assess Flow-Through BMPs [Hardin, Ellard]
08 - FARMS Agriculture Best Management Practices Cost Share Opportunities [Altman]
09 - Climate Resilience Design Guidelines [Roy]
10 - Combating Algal Blooms with Education, Tech, Citizen Science, and LID [Fanara]
11 - FDOT's Innovative Initiatives in Support of the MS4 Program [Peene, Potts]
12 - West Palm Beach Stormwater Utilities Update [Brannock] - No Presentation
13 - Progression of Harmful Algal Bloom Management [Hughes]
14 - Creeks and Ditches and Swales - Oh My! [Lamagna, Fehrmann]
15 - Why Are the Bacteria Counts in My Stream Still So High? [Denison, Holland]
16 - Stormwater Treatment & Nutrient Removal to Help Mitigate Algae Blooms [Colona, Pinelli]
17 - Emerging Technologies [BMP, Deeproot, Hydro International, SOX Erosion
18 - Septic System Impacts on Stormwater and Impaired Waterbodies [Frick, Denison]


19 - Tottenville Shoreline Protection Project Stormwater Impacts Analysis [Corby, Williams]
20 - Water Quality Improvement and Flood Protection Study [Loinaz, Peene]
21 - Slow the Flow: Promoting Green Infrastructure in a Built-Out Environment [Angelotti]
22 - An Automated Low Rate Alum System to Enhance Wet Pond Efficiency [Harper]
23 - My Green-Ampt is Better Than Your Curve Number [Downing, Yang]
24 - Greening Rocket Town's Downtown While Reducing Pollutants to the Indian River Lagoon [Regan, Giannini]
25 - Planning for Resiliency in Coastal Communities [Williams, Starr]
26 - Automated Flood Forecasting for the Imperial River [Singhofen]
27 - Alachua County's New Stormwater Treatment Code [Williams]