History and Purpose


FSA was organized in 1993 as the Florida Association of Stormwater Utilities (FASU). Its charter members included representatives from Tallahassee, Gainesville, Dade County, Orange County, Hillsborough County and Orlando. FASU was created to promote greater awareness of stormwater utilities and to improve the operational capacities of the stormwater utilities already in existence.

Over time, the mission of FASU evolved and changed. While maintaining its interest in stormwater utilities and finance, FASU became more and more involved with general stormwater management issues. After a long-range planning exercise, its Board of Directors recommended and membership approved a Bylaws change that renamed the organization to the Florida Stormwater Association (FSA) in June 2001.

FSA provides three basic services to its membership: training and education; communications and information sharing; and, advocacy.  The FSA Educational Foundation provides research and scholarship services.  

FSA’s membership is primarily composed of local governments, although many private consulting firms, water management districts, water control districts and academic institutions have joined.


The purposes of the Association include but are not limited to the following:

  • To enhance the effective management and operation of stormwater utilities.

  • To study, research, collect, compile and disseminate information about stormwater, stormwater management, flooding, and water quality; local, state and federal environmental practices, programs and policies; and, the creation and operation of stormwater utilities to federal, state and local levels of government and the public in general.

  • To monitor and become actively involved in the legislative process and the decision-making processes of the state regulatory agencies as relates to the interests of the membership and to keep the membership informed of same.

  •  To develop, promote and conduct educational programs including workshops, seminars and conferences.