FSA Leadership Structure

The Florida Stormwater Association is governed by a 22-member Board of Directors including a four-member Executive Committee. In addition to the leadership, FSA has four standing committees - Conference, Education, Legislative/Agency Relations and Membership.


 Board of Directors*

  • Four Executive Committee Member Seats (President, VP, Sec-Treasurer and the Immediate Past President) - Must be Local Government, WMD, or Consultant members. Two of the members must be from a local government that has a SWU or similar financing mechanism, and there can be no more than one WMD or Consultant member.
  • Ten Local Government/Special District Member Seats - Two seats per WMD from different organizations with at least one seat filled by a member that has an established SWU or similar financing mechanism.
  • Four Consultant Member Seats from different organizations.
  • One Water Management District Member Seat.
  • One Second Past President Seat.
  • Up to two Presidential Appointee Seats.


  • Each Committee is led by a Committee Chair who is a member of the Board of Directors and is appointed by the President.
  • At least two members of the Board of Directors are on each Committee though a Committee member does not have to be on the Board of Directors.
  • FSA Members may request to be added to a Committee and the President will make appointments.

*Information is intended to provide a quick overview of leadership structure and is not comprehensive of all Bylaws requirements.