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About Keith Fogarty

Keith Fogarty was a leader, advocate, and champion of the stormwater community. Keith was an active member of FSA since its inception in 1993 serving on FSA’s Board of Directors, as FSA’s President and in countless FSA leadership positions. Keith passed away in May of 2024. His unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have left an indelible mark, and his passion will continue to inspire us for years to come.

Keith had over 40 years of experience in stormwater permitting and maintenance, primarily while serving as a municipal Public Works Division Director. Responding to the need for high-quality, professional training of stormwater field staff, in 2005 he took the initiative and led the effort to create FSA’s Training Center.  He co-authored the curriculum for FSA’s Certified Stormwater Operator Programs and was one of its first trainers.  Mr. Fogarty was also a certified inspector and trainer for FDEP’s Stormwater, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Inspector Training and Certification program, as well as a certified Heavy Equipment Operator instructor. 

Keith Fogarty receives an FSA Service Award upon designation of the
Fogarty Training Center by the Board of Directors in June 2016