2016 Winter Conference Presentations

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The Conference presentations are listed below in the order they were presented at the Conference.

WEDNESDAY (Pre-Conference)

LR - Laws, Rules & Ethics for Professional Engineers [Bayo']
DEP01 - Understanding the New Bacterial Criteria [Turner, Espy]
DEP02 - What's Next in Source Tracking? [Harwood, Tomasko, Whiting]
DEP03 - MS4 Monitoring [Turner, Ornberg, Coyne]
DEP04 - FDEP Web Tools [Rasnake]
DEP05 - New Directors for Stormwater BMPs [Frick]


WS - Welcome and Announcements [Busby] - No presentation
OS - Expanding the Beneficial Uses of Reclaimed Water [Morris, Childs, Barker, Torres]
01 - Septic System Impacts on Stormwater and Impaired Waterbodies [Denison, Frick]
02 - Wet Years / Dry Years: Adjusting Nutrient Loads to Monitor Progress Toward TMDL Reductions [Wessel]
03 - Forecast Based Controls - Maximize Your Storage Before the Storm [Hlas]
04 - Financial Incentives for Green Infrastructure Through Stormwater User Fees [Gregory]
05 - Using Technology to Develop Projects to Meet Water Quality Requirements [Cashe, Frick]
06 - Got Nutrients? BAM! Modular Wetland Performance with BAM [Mullon]
07 - A Multi-Agency Approach to Ecosystem Restoration [Nehrke, Schmidt]
08 - What’s Your First Thought When You See Landscapers Blowing Grass Clippings into the MS4? [Rivera]


09 - Pine Island Stormwater Improvement Project: Ending a Never Ending Project [Spratt]
10 - West Palm Beach: Year 1 of A Successful New Era in South FL Stormwater [Kalkat, Perez]
11 - Evaluation of Lakeland’s Street Sweeping Operations for Nutrient Removal Efficiency [Hardin, Ellard, Mullon]

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