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2018 Seminar

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The Seminar presented a comprehensive overview of the primary methods to maintain and improve surface water quality while meeting new water quality criteria and permit conditions in your jurisdiction. 


01 - Regulatory Framework [Cunningham]
02 - Hydrology, Pollutant Sources and Removal Mechanisms [Herr]
03 - Overview of BMPs, LID and Treatment Trains [Araj]
04 - BMPs for Groundwater Flow [Cunningham]
05 - BMP Selection Criteria and Monitoring [Herr]
06 - Maintenance Considerations [Araj]
07 - LID Case Studies/Examples  [ArajHerr]
08 - Example Treatment Strategies for BMAPs and RAPs [Cunningham]
09 - Pollutant Removal Calculations, Tools, and Cost Considerations [CunninghamHerr]


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