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The Seminar presented a comprehensive overview of the primary methods to maintain and improve stormwater Best Management Practices in your jurisdiction, including Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure techniques.


The Seminar presentations are listed below in the order they were presented.
01 - Regulatory Framework and Funding Assistance [Cunningham]
02 - Runoff and Pollutant Load Generation [Harper]
03 - BMP Selection - Part 1 [Harper]
04 - BMP Selection - Part 2 [Hardin]
05 - Springs and Estuarine BMAPs [Williams, Cunningham]
06 - Groundwater and Base Flow BMPs [WilliamsCunningham]
07 - BMP Strategic and Design [Cunningham, Hardin, Harper]
08 - Monitoring Considerations and Costs [Harper, Hardin, Williams]
09 - Examining BMP Performance and Maintenance Considerations [Williams]


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