2015 Winter Conference Presentations

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The conference presentations are listed below in the order they were presented at the Conference.

WEDNESDAY (Pre-Conference)
PC- An Integrated Approach to Watershed Management - [Cunningham, Varn, McClelland, Perez #1, Perez #2, Williams]
PC Tour Handout - [Hunt]
OS - What’s Ahead for Water in 2016? [Bartlett] - No Presentation
01 - Numeric Nutrient Criteria - The Reality of the Situation [Hammond]
02 - Development of a TMDL for the Banana River, Northern and Central Indian River Lagoons [Janicki, Peene, Barker]
03 - Results from an Experiment to Find Sources of Fecal Coliform Bacteria in Stormwater Runoff [Tomasko]
04 - Performance Efficiency of Dry Detention and Underdrain [Harper]
05 - Re-examining Retention Basin Behavior through Stormwater Residence Time Distribution [Spelman] - Contact Presenter for Presentation
06 - Lessons Learned in Implementation of a Surface Water Assessment Program in Pinellas County [Hammer Levy, Weed]
07 - Performance Based Contracting - A Win Win Solution to Weed Control [Schrager]
08 - Stormwater Cap & Trade in Florida? [Thomasson]

09 - April 2014 Storm Event Disaster Response & Recovery and Associated Projects [Vinson, Curb, McLendon]
10 - Armenia Avenue Flooding - LID Flood Relief Against All Odds [Araj, Wisemen]
11 - The BSTF Train Ride - A Journey from the Station to Your Own Pond Destination [Flint,Wanielista]


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