2018 Winter Conference Presentations

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The Conference presentations are listed below in the order they were presented at the Conference.

WEDNESDAY (Pre-Conference)

LR - Laws, Rules and Ethics for Professional Engineers [Bayó]
DEP01 - BMAP Update [Coyne] - No Presentation
DEP02 - Stormwater NPDES and ERP Update [Crane-Amores, Rach, Hammer Levy, Heidecker]
DEP03 - How To Demonstrate Stream Exclusion [Weaver]
DEP04 - Using MS4 Restoration Planning in Lieu of TMDL Priortization Plans [Espy, Honour]
DEP05 - Water Quality Standards Update [Joyner]
DEP06 - Soil Erosion Control Update [Davis, Lunsford]
DEP07 - Funding Opportunities and Upcoming Changes to Grants and Procedures [Peck]


OS - What's Ahead for 2019? [Grim, McGill, Bartlett, Farrell] - No Presentation
01 - Flooding, Baffle Boxes, Tide Valves, Untreated Discharge; Oh My!! [Clarke, Earhart, Tarte]
02 - Developing Data-Driven Septic Policy for the Indian River Lagoon [Listopad, Gubler]
03 - Government Street Regional Pond at Corinne Jones Park [Owens]
04 - Tallahassee's Nutrient Reduction Facility [Heidecker, Phelps]
05 - Extraterrestrial Water Quality [Reigner]
06 - Resilient Solutions to Maximize Infrastructure Investments [Kremers, Anthony]
07 - Getting Schools to Pay their Fair Share [Gilligan]
08 - Small-Scale Projects Provide Valuable Stormwater Quality Improvements [Alligood, Trujillo, Hood]
09 - Water Quality Assessment of Underdrain BMP and Retrofit Plan [Cawthron, Kelly]


10 - Alum BMP Using Existing Box Culvert System [Harper, Cassagnol]
11 - Balancing Agricultural Opportunities and Water Quality [Cunningham, Janicki, Burke, Rinaman, Bartlett]
12 - Rate Study Analysis for Increasing Levels of Service [Burton, Pierce, Stevens]